NFL 2011 Week 14 Predictions

Things are really hotting up now and with only Green Bay and The 49ers currently assured of January Football there is plenty to play for going into the last few games. We expect the Patriots and the Ravens to all but sew up their places tonight, while the Jets should put themselves at the top of the second Wild Card Chasing pack (One will go to either the Steelers or Ravens).


Anyway heres our picks:

Kansas City at NY Jets – Jets

Tampa Bay at Jacksonville – Jaguars

New England at Washington – Patriots

Atlanta at Carolina – Falcons

Indianapolis at Baltimore – Ravens

Philadelphia at Miami – Dolphins

Minnesota at Detroit – Lions

New Orleans at Tennessee – Saints

Houston at Cincinnati – Bengals

Chicago at Denver – Bears

San Francisco at Arizona – 49ers

Buffalo at San Diego – Chargers

Oakland at Green Bay – Packers

NY Giants at Dallas – Giants


St. Louis at Seattle – Seahawks

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