NFL 2011 Week 4 Predictions

Will any team remain unbeaten after 4 weeks of the 2011 season? This year is starting to look very interesting as the gap between top and bottom continues to narrow. We think Green Bay are the most likely to move to 4-0 and they could be joined on that mark by Buffalo. Detroit have had a tremendous run stemming from last season and including an unbeaten pre-season, however we think the trip to Dallas might just end their streak. Anyway hers our predictions:



Detroit at Dallas – Cowboys

Carolina at Chicago – Bears

Buffalo at Cincinnati – Bills

Tennessee at Cleveland – Browns

Minnesota at Kansas City – Vikings

Washington at St. Louis – Rams

New Orleans at Jacksonville – Saints

Pittsburgh at Houston – Steelers
San Francisco at Philadelphia – Eagles

NY Giants at Arizona – Giants

Atlanta at Seattle – Falcons

Miami at San Diego – Chargers

New England at Oakland – Patriots

Denver at Green Bay – Packers

NY Jets at Baltimore – Ravens


Indianapolis at Tampa Bay – Bucks

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