NFL 2011 Week 8 Game Predictions Colts 0-8?

Half way through the regular season and in theory there are only 4 of the 32 teams who have no chance of winning the Superbowl and surprisingly one of them is the Colts. OK they have been missing Peyton Manning, however there is a real chance they can go 0-8 this week and this is too much to lay on one persons shoulders. The other down and practically outs are Minnesota who are 1-6 and the Rams and Dolphins who are both 0-6. None have easy games and we predict that their seasons will end this Halloween weekend.

Big games of note are Detriot’s trip to Denver where the Lions will be desperate to stop the rot following 2 consecutive defeats. Their second half schedule looks pretty ugly and dropping to 5-3 going into the bye week is not something they will want to contemplate.

New England travel to the Steelers in a game which could have round two in the playoffs and both will want this one badly. Pittsburgh would move ahead of the Patriots in the rankings with a win and it would keep them top of a very strong AFC North.

We think their may be a few minor upsets this week.

Our Predictions:

SUN, OCT 30th

Arizona at Baltimore – Ravens

Minnesota at Carolina – Panthers

Jacksonville at Houston – Texans

Miami at NY Giants – Giants

New Orleans at St. Louis – Saints
Indianapolis at Tennessee – Titans

Detroit at Denver – Broncos

Washington at Buffalo – Bills

Cincinnati at Seattle – Seahawks

Cleveland at San Francisco – 49ers

New England at Pittsburgh – Patriots
Dallas at Philadelphia – Eagles

MON, OCT 31st

San Diego at Kansas City – Chiefs

Byeweek: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, Oakland, NY Jets, Tampa Bay

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