Oakland Raiders May Have A Defense In 2010

 Although it is folly to read too much into pre season games, anyone watching the Dallas – Oakland game will have noticed that either the Dallas offense is still in splutter mode or that Oakland might just be putting together a defensive unit that they can build on this season. Oakland in their 17-9 win showed some real defensive tenacity stopping Dallas in the red zone in 4 occasions and then having clung on in for 55 minutes sprung into life offensively racking up all 17 points in the last few minutes.

The regular season prospects for the two teams dose still look a world apart, with Dallas likely to make the post season at least despite playing in the toughest division in the NFL. Oakland on the other hand know that they have practically no chance of winning the AFC West, which is probably the second weakest, but with a string of bad losing seasons behind them, they might just about to catch sight of that first chink of light at the end of the tunnel. If Denver continue to wipe out their starting squad in their training camp then Oakland could just about scrape 2nd place this season and may rack up 6-7 wins.

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