Oakland Raiders try to Claw Back Russell's Bonus

OAKLAND, CA - NOVEMBER 02: JaMarcus Russell #2...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife

The Oakland Raiders and in the process of trying to recoup some of the money they have laid out on Quarter Back JaMarcus Russell who has failed to live up to expectations since being the No 1 draft pick in 2007. Despite the fact he will probably go down in history as the biggest bust in NFL history he should be paid what he is entitled to and given that the money paid to him was guaranteed it is hard to see how Oakland can enforce a refund. Like everything in life the rule of Caveat Emptor applies and if you take a chance on a big money QB then there is no point crying about it if it goes wrong. Who knows with someone to throw at and a line protecting him perhaps Russell could be better than his current stats would indicate – not that it would be difficult.

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