Super Bowl 2 Green Bay v Oakland Raiders

Green Bay Packers helmet
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Green Bay were the NFL representative again in Super Bowl II and as started strong 13.5 points favourites. Unlike the previous year the result of this Super Bowl never looked in doubt as Green Bay thanks to a Touch Down and 2 field goals went in at half time with a comfortable with a 13 point lead.  This soon increased in the second half as Green bay continued to run the ball at will and Oakland were 33-7 down before they grabbed a late consolation TD in the 4th quarter.  This win gave Bart Starr  MVP for the second year running and coach Vince Lombardi won his 3rd consecutive NFL title and second Super Bowl with the Packers. This gave him a 9-1 post season record and elevated him in status to being one of the greatest ever NFL coaches.

Super Bowl II Result:

Green Bay Packers 33  Oakland Raiders 14

Played 14th January 1968 at the Florida Orange Bowl

Attendance 75,546

Super Bowl II Video


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