The Rams Pull Off A Shrewd Trade For Carpenter

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In what looks like a good move for both teams the St Louis Rams have strengthened their line nicely by acquiring Bobby Carpenter from the Dallas Cowboys in a straight trade for OT Alex Barron.

Bobby Carpenter who was a No 1 draft pick in 2006 probably has not lived up to his billing, but still had an impressive rookie season in 2006 and last year despite not being used in a formation which suits him still produced respectable numbers as Dallas progressed to the playoffs.

Barron a first round pick himself in 2005 has had disciplinary problems and was benched last year because of this. Moving to Dallas who seem to get the best out of their bad boys will give him a fresh start and hopefully he will take what might be his final chance to prove he was worthy of a 1st round position.

Slowly but surely the Rams are starting to build a team and although I cant see Sam Bradford having the same rookie season impact as say Matt Ryan or Mark Sanchez I confidently expect that they will finish much better than their 1-15 performance of 2009. In a division with question marks against all the teams long suffering Rams fans could soon have something to cheer about again.

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