Vincent Jackson In Talks With The Seahawks

SAN DIEGO - AUGUST 25:  Wide receiver Vincent ...
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In what could be a major move San Diego Chargers WR Vincent Jackson looks likely to be playing in a different shade of Blue this season as a move to the Seattle Seahawks is looking likely. He is holding out for a big pay day but so far they have failed to agree to a new contract. This would be a major coup for the Seahawks who having failed to get Brandon Marshall looked like having to depend on Rookie Golden Tate as their go to man, given TJ Houshmandzadeh and Deon Branch don’t seem to be clicking.

Initially this looks like a strange decision from the Chargers who although stuffed full of talent do look a little thin in the Wide Receiver area. However given Jackson has only chipped in 25 TDs in his San Diego career, they probably feel that they can take the trade and still stroll through the very weak AFC West. Then providing they manage to stay fairly healthy receiver wise they still have the weapons to make a run at the Super Bowl again.

Overall this could prove to be a great trade for both teams, with Seattle finally having the offensive weapons to threaten in the equallt weak NFC West, and San Diego getting the chance to load up with some more young talent, so keeping their impressive roster strong going forward.

If the trade does go ahead then the Seahawks, with a fairly easy schedule could be looking at a winning season for the first time since making the playoffs in 2007. Whether it will be enough to take the division though is another question altogether.

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