Vincent Jackson Prepared To Sit Out The Season

SAN DIEGO - AUGUST 25:  Wide receiver Vincent ...
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San Diego Chargers Wide Receiver seems to be more interested in money than football and because the Chargers are not prepared to stump up big he is now threatening to sit out the whole of the 2010 season, despite interest from The Seattle Seahawks.

Jackson who has been quoted as saying he is passionate about the game is holding out for a five-year contract worth $50 million, with $30 million guaranteed and seems quite prepared to give up his “Passion” if the contract fails to materialise. I wonder if he actually realises how crass his comments must sound to the thousands of players who would pay themselves to get the chance to pull on a NFL team shirt. Perhaps someone should remind him that a 5 TD a season average doesn’t exactly scream super star Wide Receiver.  The Chargers are a shrewd bunch (well apart from Sacking Marty Schottenheimer but that’s a different story) and Jackson could easily find himself traded to a far less capable team so reduing his Super Bowl ring chances greatly.  

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