Washington Redskins 2011 Draft

Where should the skins go in the 2011 draft. I’m not sure they know themselves given they have so many imponderablesespecially at QB. McNabb looks like he will be gone as soon as there is a free agency and is Rex Grossman really the answer under centre? Sure he reached a Superbowl with the Bears, but that was more down their defense than anything he achieved.

So is QB an option? We think not, unless by some miracle either Gabbert or Newton falls to 10, and given the teams before them this is inconceivable. They could trade down and maybe pick up Jake Locker in the late teens, however this would be a gamble and there should still be some QB talent left in round 2.

Overall we think the Skins will go Wide Receiver, and the obvious choice would be A.J Green. Santana Moss was their leading receiver last year with 6 td’s and no one else managed more than 3 which is probably why they are picking at 10. Who knows with someone to throw to Grosman might surprise us all.

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