Week 4 results

Another good set of games with most going as expected:

Detroit at Chicago – Prediction Chicago by 10 points +

Actual The Bears by 24 points so much as expected. matt Staffort throwing for 291 yards does however give the Lions some hope for the future.

Cincinnati at Cleveland  Prediction Bengles By 7
Actual The Bengles sneaked it by 3 with a dodgy field goal with the game heading for a tie. Both teams look like they are improving slightly and the Bengles could be the dark horse of the AFC this year.

Seattle at Indianapolis Colts predicted Colts by 14+
Actual Colts  34-17 in a fairly easy Manning inspired win. How far can the colts go this year with Addai only managing 46 yards rushing is anyones guess but despite it being early days they should win the AFC South on this performance.
NY Giants at Kansas City Predicted Giants by 14+
Actual Giants 27-16 nice numbers by Eli Manning who is emerging nicely from the shadow of his big brother. KC put up a good show though and again like the Lions the future looks a bit brighter than this seasons numbers will indicate.

Baltimore at New England Prediction expected it to be close but gave it to New England by 7 or less.
Final 27-21 for New England. Watched the game and it was probably a precursor for a post season game with both looking good enough to be playing in January. Baltimore had a late chance to sneak it but overall I feel the Pats just deserved it.

Tampa Bay at Washington – Predicted a less than inspiring game with the Skins winning by 7.Actual Houston 29-6. A bit of a stroll for the Texans against a disapointing Raiders team. How many early draft picks is it going to take to turn them around.

Final Skins 16-13 Looks like being a long season for both teams who will be lucky to get 10 wins between them this season

Tennessee at Jacksonville – Titans to win by 7

Actual Jacksonville 37-17 – boy did I get this one wrong. What has happened to the Titans, losing Haynesworth was never going to help but now 0-4 and probably heading 0-5 as they have Indy next week? One thing is for sure the Titans wont be in the post season this year.
Oakland at Houston – Houston by 10

Actual Houston 29-6. A bit of a stroll for houston against a disapointingRaiders team. How many early draft picks is it going to take to turn the Raiders around ?

NY Jets at New Orleans – Saints by 10

Actual Saints 24-10 – Nice steady performace by Brees against a better than expected NYJ team. The Saints are looking good this year.

Buffalo at Miami – Miami by 3

Actual Miami 38-10 as the Dolphins ran all over the Bills. Someone should tell the Bills offensive coaches that having TO in your team wont win you a game unless you throw him the Ball!
St. Louis at San Francisco 49res by 7

Actual 49res 35-0. Ok got the win right but the margin a bit wrong. I knew the Rams were bad but this is an embarrasment, the 49ers are a much improved team but not world beaters and on this performance the Rams will have a good chance of emulating the Lions 0-16 season.

Dallas at Denver – Predicted a close game with Dallas winning by 7 points.

Actual Denver 17-10. Denver under Josh McDaniels are looking like a half decent team. Maybe too much emphasis has been placed on Cutlers departure and not enough on the fact Kyle Orton is a solid enough QB and they have a decent receiving core with Stokely Gafney and Marshall and although the defense is no orange crush it still has Champ Bailey and now Brian Dawkins and you have another dark horse team. They could easily fade again like last year but currently you have to fancy them to run the Chargers close again for the AFC West title.

San Diego at Pittsburgh – Prediction close game Steelers by 7.

Actual Steelers 38-28. As expected a fairly close game and both teams look likley to figure in the post season despite shaky starts Big Ben (Roethlisberger) put up some pretty impresive yardage and with Polamalou due back in the next couple of weeks it should be business as per usual for the Steelers as they get back into contention in the tough AFC North.

And Finall History is made and despite being a life long Packer fan I have to say well done to the old man.
Green Bay at Minnesota –  Prediction Vikings by 7 points or less.

Actual Minnesota 30 Green Bay 23. Well done Mr Favre the only QB to beat every one of the 32 teams in the NFL.

Final weeks predictions 12-2 leaving me 49 -13 for the first 4 weeks.

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