Week 8 Results

Another week of interesting results which has still left a lot of questions unanswered but at least the Rams will not be going 0-16.

Anyway heres the scores

Houston 31, Buffalo 10 (Predicted Buffalo by 7 or less)

I should have checked this one as I thought Andre Johnston was out injured still a nice result for Houston who are making a strong bid for their 1st ever post season appearance.
Chicago 30, Cleveland 6 (Predicted Bears by 14)


A nice easy win for the Bears who are just about in the play off race.


Dallas 38, Seattle 17  (Predicted Cowboys by 10-14 points)


As expected a nice easy Dallas win against a injury plagued Seattle who will be no higher than 3rd in their division this year.

St. Louis 17, Detroit 10  (Predicted Detroit by 7 points)


In the battle of the basement teams they can go either way and the Rams just came out on top and they havs some hope for the future although 1-15 is still a strong possibility this year. Detroit still dont look to be improving and will need to make good use of their early draft picks again next year if they are ever going to get out of last place in the NFC North never mind compete for the playoffs.

Baltimore 30, Denver 7 (Predicted Baltimore by 7 or less)


This finally put an end to Denvers great start and got the Ravens back on track. Which team will do better? Well if the Steelers beat the Broncos next week then there is a good chance of a repeat of last seasons capitulation which saw the Broncos throw the title away. As for The Ravens they will ironically be hoping for a Denver win to give them a chance in the forthcoming batles with the steelers. My guess is that the Ravens will go further.


Indianapolis 18, San Francisco 14 (Predicted Colts  by 7-10 points)


As expected this was a hard game but the Colts ground it out and continue to quietly progress towards the playoffs. It would be a brave person who bet against them going deep into the post season if they stay fit.

Miami 30, NY Jets 25 (Predicted  Jets by 7+ points)


Watched this game and both teams played ok but neither showed enough to think they will figure big in the post season.

Philadelphia 40, NY Giants 17 (Predicted Eagles by 7 or less)


A nice win for the Eagles with McNabb looking to be recovering nicely from his injuries. The alarm bells for the Giants should be ringing nice an loud following 3 consecutive defeats against teams they could expect to face in the post season. They will struggle to make the post season if this inability to beat the better teams continues.

Tennessee 30, Jacksonville 13 (Predicted Titans by 7 or less)


Finally the Titans get a win. No playoff hopes for either of these two.

San Diego 24, Oakland 16 (Predicted Chargers by 7-10 points)


The Chargers will have to show a lot more than this if they are going to the post season.

Carolina 34, Arizona 21 (Predicted Cardinals by 7 or less)


Another strange performance by the Cardinals who seem to lack the ability to string a few wins together. They should still win the division but a repeat of thast years efforts will need them to develop some consistencey.

Minnesota 38, Green Bay 26 (Predicted Vikings by 10 points)


Much as expected Aaron Rodgers got scant protection and the Vikings as good as eliminated the Packers as competitors for the NFC North title. On this performace the Vikings will take some stopping as long as Favre stays healthy.

New Orleans 35, Atlanta 27 (Predicted Saints by 14 Points)


Plenty of points and good performances by Atlanta’s Turner and White were not enough to get them past the very impressive Saints. This could be their year for a tilt at the Superbowl.


Final figures 9-7 giving 84-36 on the season.

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