Will Tim Tebow thrive at the Jets?

We were a little surprised when Rex Ryan stepped in to grab Tim Tebow from Denver and even more surprised at how far his stock had fallen. Tebow who was a 1st round Pick was allowed to go for a couple of late picks with a 7th round going back to the Jets as make weight which would normally indicate a busted 1st round pick or a veteran nearing the end of his NFL days. However neither is true of Tebow, who led the Broncos to the playoffs (ok with an 8-8 record) and managed to grab a post season win against the Steelers, and he was only drafted in 2010.

He will be playing backup (apparently anyway) to Mark Sanchez who is going into his 4th season with the Jets having been drafted in 2009 and although the Jets have played pretty well in those seasons this has not been down to his efforts and his career average passer rating of 73.2 is nothing to get excited about.  Tebow’s passer rating of 75.1 is nothing to get excited about either, however he has spent his first 2 seasons in a team on the rebuild, and no one would argue to vehemently about him being the main reason the Broncos over achieved last year.

Our guess is that Sanchez is being given one more chance and if he fails to live up to expectations then Tebow will get his chance; with their tough looking schedule that chance could come around pretty quickly in 2012.

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