2009 Season Week Two Games

Some interesting looking games this week and getting 13 right again might be tough. Still here goes.

Carolina at Atlanta – could be close but Its Atlanta for me by 7+ points

Minnesota at Detroit – The Lions did ok last week but I have to go with the Vikings and mr Favre to be 2-0 in Purple. Vikings by 10 +

Cincinnati at Green Bay – Should be easy for the Packers 14points plus

Houston at Tennessee – Might be closer than expected but The Titans will win by at least 8 points

Oakland at Kansas City – Matt Cassel could be back which will make it close but I give the edge to Oakland by 3 points

New England at NY Jets – Brady looked well rusty in the win over Buffalo but still has that old magic in the last 2 mins. Sanchez looked good for a Rookie QB but I doubt the NE defense will give him much time and he will be under pressure from the notoriously fickle NY crowd. Tough one to call but NE by a field goal gets the vote

New Orleans at Philadelphia – should be lots of points and is the live game of Sky in the UK tonight, good choice for a change. The Eagles have QB worries but could use the now forgiven Michael Vick or jeff Garcia who despite his verteren status can still get the job done. I give the edge to the Eagles and expect them to win a high scoring game by 7 points plus if Donovan McNabb starts or less if not.

St. Louis at Washington – neither can espect a vintage season but the redskins will be too good for the Rams who can probably look forward to the no1 draft pick next year. The Rams could have a good go at emulationg the Lions performance last year and go 0-16. Skins to win by 10 points

Arizona at Jacksonville – The jags looked better than expected last week in pushing the Colts hard while the Cardinals may have a bit of the post super bowl blues. Could be close but I will have to go with the Cardinals to get back on track winning by less than a touch down.

Tampa Bay at Buffalo – The Bills played well last week and with Edwards finally having someone to throw to They could win by 14 points +

Seattle at San Francisco – How good are the 49ers? A win against the somewhat unpredictable Cardinals doesnt a season make. We will know a bit more after this game. The Seahawks dont travel well and I am just giving the edge to the 49ers by 3points

Pittsburgh at Chicago – The Steelers are a tough team but without Polamalu they are beatable. Should be a hard fought match but I expect Cutler to get his 1st win. Chicago by 3 points or less

Baltimore at San Diego – Another clash of the giants so to speak with both probably destined for the post season. I expect this to be close but the Ravens should just edge it by a touchdown. Baltimore by 7 points.

Cleveland at Denver – A scrappy win for denver doesnt disguise their need to rebuild and with plenty of picks in next years draft they will be back but for now they make up the numbers. Despite this with home field advantage I expect them to take care of the Browns who can lok forward to another long hard season in the AFC North. Denver by 14 points

NY Giants at Dallas – This should be interesting and a good game to watch hiowever I cant see the Giants losing and take them to win by 10 points +

Indianapolis at Miami – Indy looked rusty last week and it is possible that the Jags are better than I thought. Miami were lucky last year and helped by an easy schedule well over achieved in reaching the playoffs. Once there their limitations were cruely exposed and this season will be much different. I expect Indy to put up a few points and win by 14 +

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