2010 NFL 1st Round Draft Picks

Well the 2010 NFL draft 1st round is now history and although the first three picks went largely as expected there were some surprises most notably in my opinion was that Brian Bulaga fell to Green Bay at 23 and that Jimmy Clausen, Taylor Mays, Bruce Campbell and Sergio Kindle all fell through the 1st round. The usual last minute trading also had some bearing with Miami trading their number 12 pick and Denver hopping down then up to finally secure Tim Tebow.

The final 1st round picks are as follows:

(1) St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma(1) St. Louis Rams Sam Bradford QB

(2) Detroit Lions Ndamukong Suh DT

(3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gerald McCoy DT

(4) Washington Redskins Trent Williams OT

(5) Kansas City Chiefs Eric Berry S

(6) Seattle Seahawks Russell Okung OT

(7) Cleveland Browns Joe Haden CB

(8) Oakland Raiders Rolando McClain ILB

(9) Buffalo Bills C.J. Spiller RB

(10) Jacksonville Jaguars Tyson Alualu DT

(11) San Francisco 49ers (from Chicago through Denver) Anthony Davis OT

(12) San Diego Chargers (from Miami) Ryan Mathews RB

(13) Philadelphia Eagles (from San Francisco through Denver) Brandon Graham OLB

(14) Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) Earl Thomas S

(15) NY Giants Jason Pierre-Paul DE

(16) Tennessee Titans Derrick Morgan DE

(17) San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) Mike Iupati OG

(18) Pittsburgh Steelers Maurkice Pouncey OC

(19) Atlanta Falcons Sean Weatherspoon OLB

(20) Houston Texans Kareem Jackson CB

(21) Cincinnati Bengals Jermaine Gresham TE

(22) Denver Broncos (from New England) Demaryius Thomas WR

(23) Green Bay Packers Bryan Bulaga OT

(24) Dallas Cowboys (from Philadelphia through Denver and New England) Dez Bryant WR

(25) Denver Broncos (from Baltimore) Tim Tebow QB

(26) Arizona Cardinals Dan Williams DT

(27) New England Patriots (from Dallas) Devin McCourty CB

(28) Miami Dolphins (from San Diego) Jared Odrick DT

(29) NY Jets Kyle Wilson CB

(30) Detroit Lions (from Minnesota) Jahvid Best RB

(31) Indianapolis Colts Jerry Hughes OLB

(32) New Orleans Saints Patrick Robinson CB

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