2015 NFL Divisional Predictions NFC

Our Predictions for the competitive looking NFC.


NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles 11-5 – Chip Kelly looks like he has finally come to terms with the NFL and with a three headed monster RB combination they might just keep Sam Bradford fit enough for a deep post season run.

Dallas Cowboys 10-6 – Losing Murray has not helped, but they (as Carlsberg would say) probably have the best OL in the league , so any RB will put up some yards.

New York Giants 8-8 – We are possibly being a bit harsh on the Giants, however injuries and missing pieces on both sides of the ball are a worry. Still with Eli at QB anything is possible. Should be at least 50-50 

Washington Redskins 3-13 – Oh dear what can we say apart from Give RGIII some love, and an OL and someone to throw it to and a dominant Defence to help out in close games – you get the picture the No 1 draft Pick next year beckons. 


NFC North

Green Bay Packers 13-3 – Arron Rogers brought back their key free agents and drafted a couple of potential starters not much else to say. They may not even lose 3

Detroit Lions 9-7 – Losing Farley & Suh hurt, however they have taken steps to replace them and they still have talent all over. Stafford is also a Franchise QB in our opinion so they should push for the post season.

Minnesota Vikings 8-8 – Definitely on the up but possibly a season away from playing deep into January.

Chicago Bears 5-11 – Like the Jags not having much luck with injuries, Cutler is a little inconsistent but still a quality QB so they will win a few games.


NFC West

Seattle Seahawks 12-4 – Its tough to get to 3 Super Bowls in a row but it would be a brave person who bet too much against them making another deep post season run.

Arizona Cardinals 10-6  With Carson Palmer back they can again push the Seahawks Playoffs are a strong possibility and then who knows.

St Louis Rams 7-9 Another great defence shame about the offense situation. Tough Division tough schedule unproven QB usually adds up to a losing season

San Francisco 49ers 5-11 – Wont be as bad as some expect, however losing so much talent in a really tough division is probably to much to overcome.


NFC South

New Orleans Saints 9-7 – They have lost Jimmy Graham, however they look stronger all round, have drafted pretty well and are playing in a poor division.

Atlanta Falcons 7-9 – We don’t see any major improvement in the team and Matt Ryan and Julio Jones cant carry a team to a winning season alone.

Carolina Panthers 7-9 – Again don’t look a whole lot better (or worse) than last season, hopefully seven wins will not win them the division this year

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12 – May have found a QB finally but Winston will need time to settle in and better players around him.


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