2009 AFC East Season End Review

Now that the season is over its time to look back at my September divisional predictions starting with the AFC East which went pretty much to plan.

September Predictions:

1st New England Patriots

2nd New York Jets

3rd Buffalo Bills

4th Miami Dolphins

Actual Finish

1st New England Patriots 10-6

2nd New York Jets (Wild Card) 9-7

3rd Miami Dolphins 7-9

4th Buffalo Bills 6-10

As expected the return of Tom Brady proved to be enough to give the Patriots the division although they have looked a bit less than convincing at times especially away from Foxborough (they finished 8-0 at home). The Jets were a trifle lucky to get the No 6 seed but unless there is a rule change or some incentive introduced end of season capitulations by the already qualified teams will continue.

The Dolphins played a bit better than I expected and showed a lot of tenacity which is the starting point for a good team. They are on their way back.

The Bills look like they will have a lot of rebuilding to do and it will be no surprise if they start to make some major changes – probably starting with the coaching staff. Terrell Owens didnt make the impression I had expected but considering he hardly had a pass to catch its not too surprising. The Bills still look a long way away from competing for the division.

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