Any Given Monday – KC Upset Chargers

The old NFL adage “any given Sunday” can now be applied to Mondays too as the Kansas City Chiefs pulled off what will probably go down as onbe of the results of the season beating San Diego 21-14.

Everything looked like going according to the script when the Chargers too a 7-0 lead late in the 1st quarter, but then things went wrong. First Jamaal Charles found a gaping hole and promptly ran 56 yards to level the scores and then in the second quarter Matt Cassel threw a 2 yard TD pass and then inside the last 2 minutes Dexter McCluster returned a punt 94 yards to sent the Chiefs in 21-7 at the half.

The Chargers rallied in the second half but the Chiefs somehow held out, and in the pounding rain they produced a heroic goal line stand holding San Diego 4 times in the final minute for a win they didn’t deserve on the stats, but which will not be begrudged due to the heart the team showed.

It will still be a long hard season for the Chiefs who only managed 62 yards passing compared to the Chargers 280 but now they can relax a bit now knowing they have already exceeded most fans expectations.

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