Are Pittsburgh Considering Their Quarter Back Options

picture of Charlie Batch at Steelers training camp
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It is interesting that the Pittsburgh Steelers have renewed Charlie Batch’s Contract for another two years given that Denis Dixon was widely regarded as the NO 2.This move could possibly be down to some disgruntlement with the off field conduct of Ben Roethlisberger who is currently under suspicion of sexual assault and is being sued for rape by another woman.

Although quite possibly completely innocent of these charges the accusation is reflecting somewhat badly on the Steeler’s organization who given their wholesome image are probably rather unhappy. So far there have been no charges filed but Ben’s case is not helped by the accidental wiping of the security tapes which could have backed up his side of the story and if charges are filed he could face a suspension. A clearer indication of Pittsburgh’s thinking will be evidenced in the draft if they decide to pick a Quarter Back in the early rounds.

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