Cincinnati Bengals 2011 Draft Options

After a rare AFC North clean sweep in 2009, and with the arrival of T.O. expectations for last season were high, however as often happens the following season was a bust and here they are picking at No 4.

The Terrell Owens experiment doesn’t appear to have worked for them and with their only experienced WR Chad Ochocinco also looking unsettled things are not looking good at the Paul Brown Stadium.

Just top complicate matters long serving QB Carson Palmer has spat out his dummy and if he turns up for training in 2011 it will be to collect his bonus and not to put himself out for the team. We sympathise with Palmer who has not had the best of support and fully expect him to figure somewhere in the 2011 season (Arizona anyone?). However this leaves the Bengals looking decidedly short of firepower going into the new season, and with no clear indication on the timing of free agency they would be wise to sort this early in the draft.

WR wise they have some developing talent, with Andre Caldwell in particular showing some potential, so in our opinion addressing the QB position should be a priority, and either Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton would fit the bill nicely. Given we think Blaine gabbert will go at 1 our prediction is they will take Cam Newton

They have the 35th pick so they can get a WR then, and although Green and Jones will probably be gone there looks to be quite a bit of talent at this position this year so they should be able to pick someone up.

If they dont fill the QB role here then we expect they will grab A. J. Green.

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