Arizona Cardinals 2011 Draft Options

After a couple of good seasons under the auspices of Kurt Warner the Cardinals reverted to type in 2010 ending up bottom of a very poor NFC West. Strangely for a team, who had such a poor season they look to have a reasonable squad, and with a couple of free agents and an inspired draft they could easily win the division in 2011.

Picking at 5 can be tough and it often leaves a choice of need or value. If the draft has went as expected the top two QBs will be gone and they will know that they could still get a Ryan Mallet or an Andy Dalton at 38. Thus there si no value in picking a QB at this stage and it will be almost impossible to trade down. They also seem quite keen on their encumberent QB John Skelton, who played ok in their last 5 games finishing with a 2-3 record.  So whos left who could fit the Cardinals needs?

Well in our opinion the value is Patrick Peterson and despite a Corner not being their most glaring need it will be hard for them to pass him up. Other options would include Von Miller in the event he was still available and possibly Anthony Castonzo or Tyron Smith who would both help protect Skelton if they continue with him.

Overall we expect them to go with Partick Peterson and in doing so have one of the leagues most talented set of corners.

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