Cincinnati Bengals Now In For Owens

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Terrell Owens may now be heading for the Cincinnati Bengals setting up the interesting prospect of him teaming up with Chad Ochocinco in a battle of the reality TV wide receivers.  Ochocinco did lobby heavily for TO to join in March when he played in a tryout and now with Quarter Back Carson Palmer adding his support the prospects of a deal look high.

Owens has had a meeting with Bengals owner Mike Brown and reports are that Mike Brown was suitably impressed. Should TO sign it would give them a potent receiving set up with him and  Ochocinco wide and Antonio Bryant in the inside slot position.

Given the Bengals still have a decent defense and a good running game then allowing Carson Palmer to air the ball too could make them a threat again in the AFC North, which should be an interesting division this year with Cleveland set to improve following Mike Holograms arrival. The chances of a Wild card coming from this division may be hampered in 2010 as there is a good chance they will all beat up on each other.

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