Terrell Owens Interests The St Louis Rams

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Veteran wide received Terrell Owens (TO) is high on the Rams priority list going into the 2010 season as they look to put a dismal 2009 season behind them.

With rookie QB Sam Bradford likely to be pushing for the starters job the move for TO looks quite shrewd given he will bring both talent and experience to the receiving corp and ensuring Bradford at least get as a chance to shine in his rookie season could have a major impact on his development. One only has to look how Matt Ryan blossomed in what had been a struggling Falcons team when given the tools to work with.

The inclusion of Owens will also take some of the pressure off  their young receiving corps which currently comprises two second year players in Donnie Avery, Laurent Robinson and rookie Mardy Gilyard who will probably find his role as slot receiver sometime in the 2010 campaign. Given that The Rams have drafted quite well the inclusion of Owens could give them a chance of making a show in a weak  NFC West, especially if his inclusion leads to more opportunities for Running Back Steven Jackson who could benefit from teams paying more respect to the deep ball threat.

At this time the Rams are in pole position for TO’s signature, however there is rumoured interest from the Bengals who are desperate to give Carson Palmer more options to throw. Whatever happens now it looks certain that TO will be playing in 2010 and he should have a much better season with either of these two teams than he had with the Bills in 2009.

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