Cleveland finally add some depth at Wide Receiver

Having passed up on the chance to add some real quality at Wide Receiver in the recent draft, the browns have finally addressed, part of this need with the signings of Miles Austin & Earl Bennett.

Miles Austin has had a somewhat injury blighted career in Dallas, however when he is fully fit he produces the goods, while Earl Bennett never really set Chicago on fire, he is dependable and should make some contribution.

The need for depth here was acute given Josh Gordon is likely to receive a long suspension, and there are still question marks over Nate Burleson’s fitness, given his recent broken arm.

Does these signings make the Browns a force in the AFC? Probably not, however its a step in the right direction, and at least gives Jonny Manziel someone to throw to, if and when he takes over as starting QB.

Sadly for Browns fans we would still rank Cleveland as 4th in the AFC North going into the new season,  however is they could somehow persuade the likes of Andre Johnson to join them this could change; especially given the division doesn’t look that strong this season.


Miles Austin Highlights Video


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