Picks that Surprised Us In round One Of the Draft

Although we will have to chew over the first round some more before really deciding on how we feel the teams performed, there are a few picks which instantly made us take notice (both good and bad).


The Jacksonville Jaguars taking Blake Bortles at three is the first head scratcher. Now don’t get us wrong we love Blake Bortals and up until very recently we had him going No One to the Texans, however with the pre draft landscape changes it was likely that Bortles would have slid a little further. In our final Mock we did have the Jags going QB but we thought they would have taken Jonny Manziel, just to get the fans buzzing. Still Bortles is a solid choice and there is a good chance that the Browns may have taken him at four so maybe the pick was right. Whatever we expect Bortles to be a big success.

Blake Bortles In Action


Cleveland Browns moved down then back up  in the top 10 and ended up taking Justin Gilbert? Again he is a great player but did they really need to shimmy about so much to get him. Also we are not sure he is the best CB in the draft, although had pegged him as going fairly early (to Pittsburgh at 15). Thus are not sure that they needed to trade back up to get him. Still we really like their move for Jonny Manzidel at pick 22, so overall their 1st round sort of balances out. Lets hope its third time lucky for them with QB’s given they also picked Brady Quinn and Brandon Weedon with the 22nd pick of the first round – spooky.


We have no idea what the Lions were thinking taking Tight End Eric Ebron at 10. This is no reflection on Ebron, who looks the pick of the draft in his position, its just that Detroit don’t really need a TE and there were glaring holes elsewhere on the roster which could have been filled here.


Similarly with the Titans choosing Taylor Lewan. Again a great player who may easily have been a top 10 pick in other trades, but why an OL man when you have so many other weaknesses. We can only assume they have spotted players to fill these needs deeper in the draft.


The Giants taking a WR may please Eli now, however he will probably regret them not taking a stud OT or OG when he is getting driven into the turf mid season. He will be hoping they address this next.


Dallas surprised us again this year- however for the right reasons, with  Zack Martin looking like a solid safe pick. Jerry Jones is renowned for adding bling to the roster and we are pleased for Cowboys fans that he stuck to basics for a change. martin may not be an instant game changer but he will slot straight into the OL and possibly has catapulted the Cowboys to favourites for the NFC east this year.


Miami Dolphins desperately needed help on the OL, however we feel they may have stretched a bit taking  Ja’Wuan James here.  We had him pegged for the top end of round Two and feel that the Dolphins could have traded down and still got him.


The Eagles trading back with the Browns made good sense however given they really need a WR we cant quite fathom out (at this stage why they then went with a DE in Marcus Smith? At this stage there was some great talent still available at the Wide Received position, and unless Philly plan to make a move in round two I doubt any of it will be left. possibly they will be calling Houston or the Redskins later today.


The Arizona Cardinals did well trading back with the saints, however they may have been able to trade back again and still have got Deone Bucannon. He looks a little high here, however with the move towards big strong safeties it should work out. They obviously see Carson palmer as their new Kurt Warner, as they could have picked up a decent QB here with Bridgewater and Carr still on the board.


Overall though no major shockers in the first round and there should be plenty of interest in the early part of Round two given the quality which is still available.



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