Colts vs NY Jets AFC Championship Game

CHARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 28:  Peyton Manning #1...
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So who will win tonight? Well in my view the only hope the Jets have is to get to Peyton Manning who if given time will make the plays to win this with ease. However the Jets Defense do measure up quite well with Bart Scott and Shaun Ellis probably being able to play. This should give the Colts offensive line something to think about. In the Back field Darrelle Revis who is arguably corner of the year and Lito Sheppard will cover Reggie Wayne, which will take out one of Manning’s main weapons. However can they shut down Dallas Clark across the middle? My view is that the NY Jets will need a heap of lucky breaks to win tonight and I expect to see Indianapolis in the Super Bowl after winning tonight by 7-10 points.

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