Darren Sharper Still Wanted by Jacksonville

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The Jacksonville Jaguars remain determined to sign veteren safety Darren Sharper, who seems to be surplus to requirements at the reigning Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints. At 35 he is not a long term solution to their secondary woes but given that 2007 top draft pick Reggie Nelson has hardly set the world alight with 7 interceptions in 3 seasons they could do a lot worse.

To put into perspectibve just how bad Jacksonvilles safeties are, in 2009 the team only had five interceptions from this position, Darren Sharper managed nine on his own. Although the Jags have done a good job of upgrading part of their defense getting Aaron Kampman and Kirk Morrison their backfield remains weak and they did nothing of note to upgrade it in the draft. If they are to have any hope of finishing off the bottom of the tough looking AFC South they will have to address this weakness quickly and signing Sharper will be a good start.

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