Brett Favre Will he be a Spectator or a Viking In 2010

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The news that quarter back Brett Favre will need ankle surgery if he is going to return to the Vikings in 2010 is sad news, even for us Packers fans and this increases the possibility he will finally retire.

During 2009 he led the Vikings to the NFC Championship game and had it not been for the leg injury he picked yup during a brutal game with the Saints he would have taken them to the Super Bowl.

Although he would turn 41 during the 2010 season there is no doubt he could still do the business and if he returns anywhere near fully fit then Minnesota will probably be Super Bowl candidates again, if not then they will struggle to beat a resurgent Green Bay and may even miss out on the wild cards.

As an NFL fan first and a Packers fan second I hope he comes back for one last attempt even if it means the Packers will have less chance of wining the Super Bowl.

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