Derek Anderson Heads For The Cardinals

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 18:  (L-R) Quarterbacks...
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The Arizona Cardinals now devoid of Veteran Quarter Back Kurt Warner have turned their attention to Cleveland Browns reject Derek Anderson to fill the void. Given the alternative is former Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart who has miserably failed to live up to his potential then it becomes slightly less of a surprise.

Arizona managed to get good service out of Kurt Warner who was badly treated by both The Rams and NY Giants but he was a proven QB with a Super Bowl winners ring to back it up and in my opinion a career worthy of a place in the hall of fame. Anderson on the other hand has had one good season back in 2007 and couldn’t hold down the starters job at the Browns thereafter which is hardly a ringing endorsement. Maybe lightening will strike twice and Arizona will make a proverbial silk purse out of Anderson like they did with Warner, but to my mind this shows an amazing lack of ambition just as they had become the major force in the NFC West. Only time will tell if they were right , but one thing certain from this signing is that Matt Leinart’s career is effectively over.

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