Detroit Lose Thanksgiving Game Again

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Its becoming something of a habit for Detroit to be on the receiving end of a substantial Thanksgiving beating, however for a while it looked like their dismal run would finally end. In the first half their defense showed glimpses of real talent with Suh dominating the line and Amari Spievey covering the backfield. Brady looked a little harassed during the early exchanges and when the Lions took a 14-3 lead in the second quarter it looked like a shock was possible.

However writing the Patriots off is a dangerous pursuit and when they went in at 17-10 at half time the writing was already on the wall. The Loins lack of depth has been a factor in recent games and when New England started to put the pressure on in the fourth  Detroit simply had no answer. Tom Brady had an outstanding second half and finished the game with a perfect 158.3 QB rating including 4 TD passes.

New England ran out 45-24 winners and on this form will certainly make the playoffs, whether they have the experience to make the Superbowl is another matter, however with plenty of draft picks piling up they will be a force over the next few years. As for the Lions well they are probably slightly better than their 2-9 record would suggest and with another early set of draft picks beckoning they should manage a winning season again soon.

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