Houston Texans Resign Pro Bowler DeMeco Ryans

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Houston Texans showed that they intend to try and build  on last seasons 9-7 record (their 1st ever winning season) by resigning Pro Bowl Linebacker  DeMeco Ryans, who was a restricted free agent.  The six-year, $48 million deal will him one of the  highest pain linebackers in the NFL and will keep him at Houston until the end of the 2015 season.

Resigning Ryans is a very positive move for the Texans who already have a potent offense and but in the crunch games against the Indianapolis Colts last season failed to stop Peyton Manning in close losses. This move will mean they can focus on other defensive areas in the draft with a bit of safety cover being a priority given Eugene Wilson (right) seems to be too injury prone to rely on. If they can get their defense right they could be surprise contenders in the AFC South in 2010.

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