St Louis Rams Consider Their Quarter Back Options

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Although the St Louis Rams are still in the hunt for Eagles veteran QB Donovan McNabb, they are in the fortunate position of having the 1st pick in the draft and this gives them lots of options.  They are now planning to look at Colt McCoy who may very well fall through the 1st round of the draft and this would allow the Rams to pick him up at 33 which might be a better bet than taking Sam Bradford. We have always maintained the view that the No 1 pick should be Ndamukong Suh and that he will have a much bigger impact on any rebuilding team than a quarter back will. Getting a good quarter back and Suh will be good business for the Rams as they continue to rebuild and even if McCoy is gone one of the other decent quarter backs in this years draft will almost certainly slip through to no 33.

If St Louis are feeling really bold they could have a look at the likes of Jattett Brown out of West Virginia or even Fordham’s John Skelton either of whom could slip into round 3.  Given the number of 1st round QB’s who turn out to be expensive bench warmers this could be the best option for a franchise in St Louis’s position. 

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