If In Doubt Sack The Coach

This seems to be the new tactic in the NFL this season – only 4 weeks in and already we have seen a couple of fairly high profile coaches sacked soon after having a bad game. First it was offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye who got the boot at the San Fransisco 49ers following their 0-3, not that its helped much as they are now 0-4, and then Miami thought they would get in on the act firing special teams coach John Bonamego after their melt down against New England.

The Jimmy Raye decision was just about understandable given there was some friction reported between him and others at the franchise, but sacking John Bonamego just because the team has one of those nights smacks of something much more insidious. There has been no problems with their special teams in the previous three games and being 2-2 is hardly a disaster considering they have played The Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets and the Patriots in three of them. It looks like the Miami management have began to believe the pre-season hype emanating from the biased and or uninitiated quarters indicating they are a playoff team. Knee jerk reactions like this can have a bad effect on team spirit and morale and looks like a mean spirited reaction to being embarrased on prime time. Coaching staff deserve better.

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