Josh McDaniels Fired By Denver Broncos after 3-9 Slump

Josh McDaniels at the 2009 Denver Broncos Fan Fair
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Josh McDaniels short lived reign at Denver will be best remembered for his off field decisions rather than the teams performance on the field and after Denver slipped to 3-9 against Divisional Rivals Kansas City the inevitable happened. In his 22 months in charge Denver were more like a soap opera than a team with a protracted Jay Cutler saga soon followed by a inexplicable second half slump which saw them end 8-8 after a very promising start. Then the trading of their main offensive weapon Brandon Marshall seemed to indicate that their ambition for 2010 was limited.

To be fair the Broncos have not had much luck with injuries, and apart from the dismal result against Oakland they have at least been fairly competitive in their defeats, but with no rushing offense and a poor rush defense it was obvious that something was wrong with the team building strategy. Given the lack of success at running back the choice of  Eric Studesville  as interim coach for the final month looks a bit strange, however with nothing left to play for but pride this decision will have little impact overall.

Josh McDaniels is only 34 so has plenty of time to put this behind him and he will no doubt resurface as a head coach sometime in the future, but for now he will join Wade Phillips and Brad Childress who also lost their jobs mid season due to failing to meet expectations.

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