Michael Vick Joins The NY Jets

When the Jets drafted WVU QB Geno Smith there was little doubt that Mark Sanchez’s days were numbered, however it was a bit of a surprise when they cut him this week, only to replace him literally a few minutes later with veteran QB Michael Vick. What is even more surprising is that they are reputedly paying him $5m for a 1 year deal – this is starter money and not what a back up would expect to earn. So where does this leave Geno Smith? Well last years 2nd round draft pick looks very likely to spend the opening part of the 2014 season on the bench, however given Vicks style and injury record this may not last long. Overall the signing of Vick looks a little like a knee jerk reaction, and we cant see this being enough to make the Jets contenders in the AFC East.

As for Sanchez well a back up job probably awaits him somewhere, with the Rams being a possible destination for him. He will be somewhat hacked off at the late decision to cut him, as he may have had a chance at the Oakland starters job if he had been released a couple of weeks ago. Although his 2013 numbers were poor he has shown that he can win with a decent team around him and he did take the Jets to two consecutive AFC Championship games in 2009 &2010. Whoever gets him will have a competent back up QB with a few good years left in him yet.


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