The NFL Dishes Out 32 Compensatory Picks for the 2014 Draft

The NFL has awarded 13 teams a total of 32 compensatory picks in the forthcoming 2014 draft, including 4 in the Third round (the highest award available).  these picks are designed to compensate teams who have lost out due to Free Agency when comparing players lost against those gained in the process.  The biggest gainers are Pittsburgh who will have the 97th overall pick, closely followed by Green bay, Baltimore (who also get 2 Fourth Round Picks) and San Francisco.

This might not seem much to someone unfamiliar with the game, however they are in reality massive given that real quality is still around at this stage – with for example the 49ers getting to pick potentially the 100 best player from all the eligible players, and this may include the 3rd or 4th best in his position.

Other teams doing well include Detroit who get 2 Forth round picks, while the Falcons, Jets, Patriots and Texans all get a single extra 4th round pick.



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