More Upheaval In Arizona As Max Hall Gets QB Job

After a tumultuous off season you would have expected things to quieten down in Arizona, however the drama continues with Supposed 1st choice QB Derek Anderson set to be replaced with an undrafted free Agent Max Hall.

For reasons only known to coach Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals hierarchy, they ignored the QB position in the draft despite their being some real porential bargains and the fact that the position hardly looked secure with Kurt Warner retiring.

Then to compound things they ditch Matt Leinart who was steady if unspectacular in favour of the now ditched Derek Anderson who Cleveland were pleased to see the back of.

Arizona fans must be fuming at what looks like a comedy of errors compounded by indecision and vested interests. They are lucky they play in the ultra weak NFC West where there is a good chance that 8-8 will win the division which at least gives them a chance to compete for a playoff place.

Whatever we wish Max Hall good fortune in his debut against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

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