Moss and Merriman Both Snapped Up From Waivers

Jeff Fisher
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Randy Moss and Shawne Merriman will both be introducing themselves to new team mates this week having both been swiftly snapped up. Moss has probably got the better deal going to the Tennessee Titans, who look like they could make the post season although there is a huge risk in throwing Randy Moss in his current frame of mind into a settled team. Given the Titans were No. 22 in the waiver claim order it shows just how far Mosses currency has fallen since his disruptive outburst last week. This is a decision which will either make or break Jeff Fisher’s career and we hope for his sake its the first.

Shawne Merriman looks a much lower risk and Buffalo took advantage of being 0-7 which gave them first pick to snap him up. Merriman has failed to recapture his early form but he can still do a job in a 3-4 defense and will add an extra dimension to Buffalo’s pass rush. The Bills are a better team than their record shows and this addition should be enough to ensure they get 2-3 wins this year.

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