New England Add More Pass Rush With Shaun Ellis Signing

The New England Patriots who have already been busy in the Free Agancy Market, added more firepower to their D Line with the aquisition of ex New York Jets Defensive End Shaun Ellis.

Their pass rush had already bgeen considerably upgraded with the addition of the talented if slightly controversial Albert Haynesworth and this combination will be enough to make many quarterbacks a little uneasy to say the least going into 2011.

Although a veteran at 34, Ellis who is on a One year deal still have a season ortwo left in him, and at 6-foot-5, and 290 pounds he wil add size and menace to the line end as well as being handy against running plays.

With a stack of young players in reserve this looks like a short term solution and emphasises the Patriots intention to end their recent Superbowl drought. It will be no surprise to see him play against his old colleagues in the post season, injury allowing and right now the Patriots look like being the team to beat in the AFC this season.

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