NFL 2011 Half Time Report

With Every Team having played at least 8 games here is our view of the first half and how we rank the teams.

1 Green Bay Packers 8-0 – What can you say 14 wins in a row now and not against easy teams either. They have beaten the Bears Falcons & Saints and look a certainty for the Playoffs at least.

2 Baltimore Ravens 6-2 – Two wins over the Steelers sort of makes up for their two poor road losses to the Jags and Titans.

3 New York Giants 6-2 – Eli Manning looks back to his best and only the shocking home defeat to Seattle stops us ranking them No .

4 New Orleans Saints 6-3 The Saints have had one bad defeat against the Rams but otherwise look solid and consistent in a tough NFC South

5 Steelers 6-3 – The AFC North is one tough division and although those losses to the Ravens will have hurt they look well placed for a run at the Superbowl again probably from the Wild cards.

6 San Fransisco 49ers 7-1 – Well we never saw this one coming 7-1 all be it in the otherwise abysmal NFC West. We may be being a little harsh on them at 6, however we are not quite convinced yet despite some good wins (Eagles, Bengals, Lions). If they Beat The Giants on Sunday then we will have to seriously reconsider their ranking.

7 Detroit Lions 6-2 – They are doing rather well this year and neither loss was totally unexpected. If they can win at Soldier Field this week then they are for real.

8 Chicago Bears 5-3 – The Bears are hanging in there in the ultra tough NFC North and they have the head to head over a number of potential Wild Card rivals, meaning there is a big chance that they will make the playoffs again. Cutler needs to control the 4th quarter better and they could use a Wide Receiver, however the ground game is improving and they are a team to watch.

9 New England Patriots 5-3 – Never write the Patriots off and although they have lost two in a row now those have been against the Steelers and Giants with the giants loss coming in the last 15 seconds. They have a tough game against the Jets this week and then things look a lot easier.

10 New York Jets 5-3 – The Jets had a little stumble but got back on track and although we are not convinced by their offense the defense looks solid and it could easily carry them deep into the playoffs again. They face The Pats at Foxborough this weekend but then it gets a whole lot easier.

11 Houston Texans 6-3 – Finally the Texans look like making the playoffs. Their running game is good and the defense looks like a revelation compared to previous seasons.

12 Falcons 5-3 – The Falcons have not had an easy start having played 5 playoff contenders (if you count the currently disappointing Eagles). They gambled big to grab Julio Jones and he is starting to look like he is worth it. The Falcons still look likely to grab a wild card.

13 Bengals 6-2 – Well this is a turn up rookie QB and rookies Wide Receiver and here they are 6-2. and top of the AFC North. Ok they have had a pretty easy schedule so far but all they can do is win. We will know more about their prospects after the next two game when they face the Steelers & Ravens. If they are 8-2 after that then we will have to take them serious.

14 Chargers 4-4 – The best 50% team we have seen in a while but a tough schedule and a penchant for self destructing could cost them again this season.

15 Buccaneers 4-4 – Another team who have suffered from a tough division and schedule with 6 of their 8 games so far being against potential playoff teams. The defense has been uncharacteristically generous too.

16 Bills 5-3 – started well with some nice come from behind wins, however they seem to be on the slide and probably flattered to deceive.

17 Cowboys 4-4 – About where we expected unlikely to make the playoffs but on their day a handful for anyone.

18 Eagles 3-5 – Oh dear what has befallen the Eagles a host of star names added and now 3-5! Its too early to write them off but they really cant afford another loss if they are to make the post season.

19 Chiefs 4-4 – Doing OK given their injury list, and in the AFC West anything is possible made the playoffs last season and still might make it two in a row.

20 Titans 4-4 – Benefiting from the Colts demise and an easy schedule. Matt Hasselbeck has been a great signing and Chris Johnson continues to impress,  even if they are 32nd in rushing,  but its hard to see them making the post season from here

21 Raiders 4-4 – Not sure what to make of the Raiders this season one week they look good and the next no so. In the AFC West anything is possible so they are still in contention.

22 Vikings 2-6 – The Best 2-6 team we have seen in a while and with a little more composure and luck they could be a lot better. They can run the ball and stop the run, however they cant hold onto a lead and this has cost them Five of their defeats have been by a TD or less.

23 Redskins 3-5 – Until the Skins get a QB they are going to struggle. Sorry but neither John Beck or Rex Grossman are good enough.

24 Broncos 3-5 – Denver are actually doing OK considering they are rebuilding. If things go their way they could yet figure in the inconsistent AFC West.

25 Panthers 2-6 – Carolina or Cam Newton to be more precise have played pretty well so far this season and although a winning season look out of the question they could be one to watch in the next couple of seasons.

26 Browns 3-5 – Worse than their record would suggest. Still they are in a tough division and they have a whole load of draft picks to play with going forward. In time they will be back but this season 6-10 would be good.

27 Jaguars 2-6 – Jack Del Rio remains under pressure as the Jags still cant seem to play attractive football or get many wins on the board.

28 Seahawks 2-6 – Not a hope of them repeating last seasons play off place and in desperate need of a quality QB and some sensible decision makers. Dumping Matt Hasselbeck and replacing him with Travaris Jackson speaks volumes here.

29 Cardinals 2-6 – Its not a vintage year for the NFC West – again. We never rated Kevin Kolb that highly however the Cards gave awat one of the best corners in the league and a draft pick for him.

30 Rams 1-7 – A big disappointment given their comparatively good showing last season. They have the QB and a good running back but there are too many holes elsewhere on the pitch.

31 Dolphins 1-7 – need a QB enough said

32 Colts 0-9 – Please hurry back Peyton. The Colts are a mediocre team with a great QB and without him the results say it all.


Well there you have it our opinion of the first half.

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