Patriots Add Talent but Also Baggage with Haynesworth & Ochocinco

The New England Patriots aded to their formidable sqad this week by snapping up two undoubtedly talented but potentially problematical players in Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco. Ochocinco who will be 33 whe the season starts still had plenty in him and possibly the chance to play for a genuine contender will see him revert back to his hard working and less disruptive self. The move is good for both teams too with Cincinnati saving a few million $ and thePatriots getting proven talent for a 2012 fifth-round and a 2013 sixth-round draft pick, not something that will affect them down the line.


Albert Haynesworth was tremendous at the Titans and perhaps this time at the Redskins can be forgiven, given Shannahan’s irascible style which obviously didn’t suit Haynesworth any more than being ordered to play out of position. This could be a 2013 fifth-round draft pick well spent.

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