Peppers Now A Packer – Will The Bears Regret It?

Green Bay rarely make much of a splash in the free agency, however this year they have not only made a high profile acquisition (literally given Julius Peppers is reportedly 6ft 7) signing the ex Chicago and Carolina DE on a 3 year $30m deal. Although at 34 Peppers best years are probably behind him he remains a formidable presence and it is rarely a good idea to let a pro bowl talent walk off to one your divisional rivals.

The good news for Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers in particular is that they will not have to worry about him sacking him this year as Peppers did enjoy considerable success against the Pack, accumulating 6.5 sacks against them in his time with the Bears.

Green Bay do seem to get good value on the odd occasion they venture into the FA market and if they gat anything like the production they got from their last notable signing Charles Woodson then this will be $30m well spent.

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