Pittsburgh Steelers Extend Mike Tomlin's Contract

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Despite failing to get the Steeler’s into the playoffs last year coach Mile Tomlin has been given a three year contract extension keeping him in Pittsburgh for another 4 years at least.

The Steelers had a slightly disappointing season last year finishing 9-7 and in doing so becoming the only team since – erm the Steelers in 2006 to miss out on the playoffs the year after winning the Super Bowl. Still had it not been for a mid season blip which saw them lose 5 in a row, and the resurgence of Cincinnati they would have scraped a wild card and with a three year record of 31-17 he has proven a worthy successor to Bill Cowher.

With the AFC North looking tough this year the squad will be a little more settled knowing that at least the head coach position is sorted for a few years.

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