San Fransisco In The 2011 Draft at 7

On Paper San Fransisco looked a shoo in for the NFC West in 2010, but as Football is played on Grass or Turf and not paper, here they find themselves at no 7 in the 2011 draft. Most of their 2010 problems seemed to stem from the uncertainty at QB with the two Smiths vying for the coveted spot under centre. With Jim Harbaugh now head coach there is an argument for starting afresh with a new QB, However we think that he will give Alex Smith another chance and that will leave the 49ers free to address their biggest need by drafting DT Nick Fairley. Despite being 315lbs he managed a very impressive 40-Yard Dash in 4.90 and this expolsive speed will give some impact to a slightly lacklusture 49er pass rush.

If they pass up on Fairley or he has gone, they will be hoping that either Von Miller or Patrick Peterson is still available – either of which they would snatch without much thought, or they could go corner anyway and take Prince Amukamara who looks a slightly better prospect than the other possible 1st round Corner Jimmy Smith.  

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