Cleveland Browns 2011 Draft

The Browns had an ok season in 2010 and in Colt McCoy may have unearthed their QB for the next 10 years. Given his lack of weapons and the poor O-Line in front of him his six TDs to nine interceptions can be forgiven and we think that the Browns should use their no 6 pick to give him someone to throw to. OK its a gamble having an inexperienced QB throwing to a rookie, but if they gel then the Browns will have the key part of a winning team for many years to come.

So we think they should go and grab either A.J.Green or if he is gone Julio Jones – at least one of them will be left. Will the Browns go this way, probably not given the management seem to love the defense and they could use a stud Defensive End, and no one would fit them better here than Robert Quinn, who can also fill in at OLB if needed. They do need an Inside Linebacker, however addressing this at pick 6 would be too rich and they should be able to fill this hole in the second round or possibly latter. Clemson star Da’Quan Bowers would have also came into the reckoning had he been injury free, however he is a bit if a risk at 6 given the knee problems.

So we think they should take a WR but they will probably go with Quinn.

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