St Louis Rams Release Quarter Back Marc Bulger

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St Louis have just saved themselves $8.5m by releasing Marc Bulger and not find themselves somewhat thin at quarter back on the roster with a couple of untried near rookies and A J Feeley who hasn’t thrown a ball in anger since 2007.  So what now for the St Louis Rams who are in the enviable position of having 1st and 33 picks in the 2010 draft.

My initial view was that they would try and get Donovan McNabb who would have brought some stability and composure to an offense which has been misfiring badly for a few seasons now, but they obviously thought the 33rd pick was too high a price to pay, plus McNabb might not have been too happy joining a franchise which is still a year or two away from being competitive again.

The big question now for the Rams management is do they take Sam Bradford or Ndamukong Suh (pronounced En-dom-ah-ken Soo) with that coveted 1st pick. Both look great prospects and I personally think Suh is destined to become one of the top defensive tackles in the NFL providing he stays injury free. This throws up the question -is Sam Bradford that much better than the other quarter backs in this years offering which looks quite strong in this position.

Back in 2006 the Houston Texans shocked everyone by taking Defensive End Mario Williams ahead of the much vaunted pair Reggie Bush and Vince Young, however on reflection what a shrewd move that was. Will the Rams be brave enough to make a similar move this time?

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