Washington Redskins Looking to extend McNabb's Contract

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The Washington Redskins are reported to be in discussions with Donovan McNabb regarding extending his contract beyond the 2010 season.This shows their ambition and securing his services for a few more years will allow them to focus their efforts elsewhere.

In Mike Shannah the Redskins have a coach who will want to hit the ground running and their signings this year look quite exciting with their new signings. As well as  McNabb  they have signed Rex Grossman giving them an experienced pair at Quarter Back and the addition of past Pro Bowl running backs Willie Parker (right) and Larry Johnson will add depth to this position.  They have also stiffened the defense by picking up corner back Phillip Buchanon, and nose tackle Maake Kemoeatu who are both solid enough players.

Given they will still have the no 4 pick in the draft they can strengthen their major weakness, the offensive line by taking any one of Russell Okung, Bryan Bulaga or Trent Williams any of whom will make a 1st season impact and after all its no good having a quarter back of Donovan McNabb’s quality if he has no time to throw the ball.

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