Talks Between NFL & Union Reach Deadlock

The risk of not having a 2011 NFL season just got a little higher when the franchise owners walked away from the negotiating table after the unions appeared to want a 50-50 revenue split. The full details are still unclear, however all the future planned negotiating meetings have been canceled leaving the nightmare prospect of no NFL as we know it this year.

The figures involved are huge and currently the players get 60% of gross revenue worth around $4.8 billion. The dissolve seems to have come about because there is no clear definition of revenue with the unions now wanting 50% of total revenue which given the owners don’t like opening their books must be higher.

At the end of the day life for an NFL player is tough and painful however given that 1696 players make the 32 squads each year then $4.8 billion should be enough to ensure they dont struggle and that there is a little left over for those who don’t make the cut.

In tough times like these such opulent greed on both sides seems a little churlish to say the least.

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