The Seattle Seahawks Trade Their Latter Draft Picks Wisely

LenDale White, an American football player.
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For a team in as much disarray on the field as the Seahawks the decision to trade their 4th, 5th and 6th round picks to get two proven running backs looks like a shrewd move.

Acquiring LenDale white for their 4th and 6th might look a little expensive, but he is probably a lot better than his stats would indicate and he has never really been given a chance to shine in Tennessee. Also included in the trade was big DT Kevin Vickerson who is a good solid player and potential starter.

The trading of their 5th round pick for Leon Washington is possibly slightly more risky as he is still recovering from a nasty broken leg, but if he returns at anything like his old self then Seattle will be very pleased. Washington became surplus to requirements at the jets when they took La Danian Thomlinson so being traded is no reflection on his ability to return. They also got the NY Jets 7th round pick which added OLB Dexter Davis to the roster who will fill another roster gap.

This combination will give the Seahawks a good ground game and although they are unlikley to be a force in the NFC West this season they are moving in the right direction.

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