Two Weeks Into NFL Season 2011 and this is how we rank the teams

Not too many surprise results so far but some of the 0-2 teams have shown enough to suggest they are on the up. These rankings are based on our perception of how each team has played and not just on the results. Anyway here goes:

1.  Green Bay Packers 2-0 2 good wins and their result against Carolina may look better as the season progresses.

1. New England Patriots 2-0 Tom Brady is on fire and beating the Chargers was a massive result as far as AFC seedings go.

3.  New York Jets 2-0 The Jets look likely to rely on their defense again this year but it looks up to the task.

4. San Diego Chargers The Chargers showed enough against the Pats to suggest they will be a force this season

5.  New Orleans Saints 1-1 The Saints have got two tough matches out of the way and were far from disgraced in their loss to Green Bay.

6. Atlanta Falcons 1-1 The Falcons bounced back from a tough defeat at the Bears and  showed a lot of determination against the Eagles.

7. Philadelphia Eagles 1-1 A narrow road loss, to Atlanta is not a major problem and they still look set for the NFC East Crown.

8. Chicago Bears 1-1 The Bears are level after playing two probable playoff teams. We cant put them out of the top ten on that. However we are not convinced they will stay here.

9.  Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1 The Steelers bounced back from their week one loss – OK they only beat the Seahawks, but it was the manner of the win which impressed us.

10. Baltimore Ravens 1-1 A bad day at the office against the Titans doesn’t take all the gloss off their demolishing of Pittsburgh. Lets hope they don’t get complacent thanks to that week one win.

11.  Detroit Lions 2-0 The Lions beat a good Bucks side and demolished KC. They have a tough schedule so time will tell.

12. Houston Texans 2-0 Beating a Manning-less Colts is not as impressive as it first appeared however they are 2-0 and top of the AFC South.

13.  Washington Redskins 2-0 A good win against the Giants and a narrow one over Arizona leave them top of the NFC East – for now.

14.  New York Giants 1-1 The Giants have had a few injury problems but won well against the Rams.

15.  Dallas Cowboys 1-1 They pushed the Jets all the way and then beat the 49ers not bad at all.

16. Buffalo Bills 2-0 A couple of nice wins, however they were not against the best of opponents, we will have a better idea of their capabilities when they play the Pats.

17.  Tampa Bay 1-1 Losing their opening game to Detroit was no disgrace and they showed a lot of character to come back against the Vikings.

18. Arizona Cardinals 1-1 The Cardinals win over Carolina looks a whole lot better after the Packers played them. A 1 point loss to The Redskins was no disgrace.

19. Tennessee Titans 1-1 A narrow opening game loss was followed up with a great win against the Ravens, The Titans could be anything this season.

20.  Jacksonville Jaguars 1-1 The Jags have limited options on offense and their defense was no match for the Jets. Still they are 1-1 and doing OK.

21.  Oakland Raiders 1-1 Scraped past Denver and Buffalo scraped past them difficult to tell what the Raiders are this season.

22.  Carolina Panthers 0-2 Carolina or Cam Newton at least has shown us enough to suggest they are going to be hard to beat. Newton took Auburn to a BSC title last year against the odds and he will win games this season.

23.  Minnesota Vikings 0-2 Should have beaten the Bucks and a 7 point loss to San Diego is no disgrace. Being in the NFC north will hurt them but they are better than their record suggests.

24.  Cleveland Browns 1-1 If the Browns had kept their concentration they could have been 2-0. A win at the Manning-less Colts is not massive but its still a good result.

25. Denver Broncos 1-1 A narrow win and a narrow loss looks OK but they were not against the best of opposition.

26. San Francisco 49ers 1-1 An easy win against the Seahawks is not enough to put you up the rankings.

27.  St. Louis Rams 0-2 The Rams may be 0-2 but no one really expected anything else with opening games against the Eagles & Giants.

28.  Cincinnati Bengals 1-1 Losing in Denver somewhat overshadowed their fortunate opening game win over the Browns.

29.  Miami Dolphins 0-2 They have given up far too many yards already. Looks like a long hard season ahead.

30.  Seattle Seahawks 0-2 Limited offense and a leaky defense is never going to win many game for you

31. Indianapolis Colts 0-2 If ever there was the epitome of a one man team this is it – if Peyton misses many more games their season could be over very early.

32.  Kansas City Chiefs 0-2 The Chiefs were surprise winners of the AFC west last year however they look bad in 2011.

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